Improve your Form

The Blake Blaster should be placed on yoga mat, area rug or carpet during use.  Do not use Blake Blaster on hard wood floors or tile.  Inspect bands weekly/monthly for wear and tear.  With regular use replace resistance bands as needed or at a minimum every 6-12 months.  Before completing each exercise, ensure proper placement of feet onto the Blake Blaster.  Hold handles fully, and adjust your feet to the correct position.  The Blake Blaster is not a toy. You should always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.


Great results, and a great body are created with great form.

The Blake Blaster not only lets you get a great workout on the go, but the Patent Pending wedge design actually helps improve your form during compound exercises, like squats, reverse lunges, and deadlifts.  Watch below to see how the Blaster’s revolutionary technology helps you get a safer, more effective workout.


“Let’s say you are using bad form for a few months and don’t see very much progress, there is a good chance that if you had been using correct form for this period, you would have better results. Not only this, but repeated use of bad form can create habits in which can be difficult to break once you discover the correct way to do the lifts.”

via BodyHack





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