Soccer Split Squat








One Exercise…to Rule Them All! The Soccer Split Squat

If there was one exercise that would do all of this:

• Bullet Proof your Knees
• Protect your Groin from Pulls
• Protect your Lower Back, AND
• Make you Run Faster…


Would you do it?
Well, there really is such an exercise.

I call it Soccer Split Squats, because it has highly specific benefits especially for this sport. But it is very good for many other sports as well.

The thing is; you gotta do it exactly right. Otherwise you lose the benefits, and it might be even be harmful in the long run.


Soccer split squats dynamically stretch the hip flexors and short adductors, and they emphasize the VMO (vastus medialis oblique), which is the main player in knee stability.

They are a football exercise mostly because they strengthen and stabilize the knee, help you run faster, jump higher and kick harder and stretch out the troublesome hip flexors, all in one!

Good Luck,


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