Blake Blaster Squat Trainer

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The Blake Blaster is a new Squat Trainer that helps you squat perfectly every single time.

Patent pending wedge design ensures proper form and core engagement to maximize balance and center of gravity.

ATHLETES – excellent for improving speed, strength, and stamina. Provides cardio to improve endurance.

Great workout for women of all ages who want to tone hard to target areas and improve body shape. Strengthens core, legs and upper arms Includes Blake Blaster Squat Trainer, Yellow Starter Resistance Bands with Handles, 4-in-1 Blaster Workout DVD + 15 Workout Full Body Instruction Sheet


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Get Blaster Fit with The Blake Blaster Squat Trainer!

Transform your body into a lean, toned shape by performing squats and reverse lunges; targeting glutes, upper thighs, and back of legs.

Use the resistance bands for arms, back and shoulders. Gain cardio and strength benefits with a portable gym that travels with you and weighs less than one pound. The Blake Blaster’s brilliance lies in it’s simplicity and efficiency. There are three levels of resistance bands to help improve strength and endurance with regular use.

What You’ll Get:

  • One Blake Blaster Squat Training Device
  • Yellow Starter Resistance Band Set with Handles
  • DVD with 4 Blaster Workouts: 3 Minute Wake-Up Warm-Up, 7-Minutes to a Better Butt, 12 Minute Total-Body, 3 Minute Whittle your Middle
  • Instructional Insert Demonstrating 15 Full-Body Workouts
  • *Blake Blaster resistance bands are custom designed exclusively for use with our product.
  • The yellow bands are the beginner bands offering 10 lbs of resistance. The green bands are intermediate level offering 20 lbs of resistance and the black bands are our advanced bands designed for weight lifters and athletes offering 30 lbs of resistance.


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