Slowing Down To Speed Up

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Plateauing is one of the most frustrating things that can happen when trying to reach your fitness goals.

While I define plateauing simply as ‘the worst’, the dictionary is a little more technical, saying plateauing occurs when you:

“Reach a state of little or no change after a time of activity or progress” (

So you keep pushing yourself harder, but the effort you put in just doesn’t seem to coincide with the results you see.  This isn’t only demotivating, but potentially dangerous.  Injuries from over-training, muscle atrophy, and mental blocks are just some of the negative examples that come from speeding up when your body says to slow down.

heel painQuick side story – I used to have a treadmill obsession in high school.  Every day, (sometimes twice a day), I’d leave school, head to the gym, and get lost in my headphone/treadmill trance.  I didn’t properly stretch, take rest days, or anything to truly
push myself forward.  Most of the time I’d have to take two ibuprofen just to make it to the gym and ignore my shin splints.  Then one morning, I reluctantly awoke to my 6 a.m. alarm.  As I placed my feet on the floor to get out of bed, I screamed in agony as I fell to the floor.  I looked down, and my heels were the size of apples.  I had ignored what my body was telling me, continued to push through the pain, and ended up not being able to run at all.  Not fun.

Okay, so back to beating the plateau.  When you hit a place where you feel like you’re not moving forward, the worst thing to do is keep speeding up – this is how you end up with apple heels.  The best thing you can do at this point is SLOW DOWN.  Stop making frantic movements, and focus on making correct movements.  Exercises that may not feel like they’re tearing your muscles apart are sometimes the most effective ones.  When you perform your routines, focus on doing each exercise absolutely perfectly.  Breathing, core engagement, and form are all things that will truly accelerate your results when improved.  Once you slow your roll down, and focus on improving your foundation, rather than speeding up the end result, you’ll start improving faster than you ever thought possible.

If you’re looking to truly give yourself a strong starting point to build off, I highly recommend checking out the Blake Blaster.  It’s a new invention I’ve been using myself that actually forces you to slow down a little, and makes doing exercises without great form nearly impossible.  It helps you focus on doing functional, compound exercises like squats and reverse lunges.


Great squat form using Blake Blaster

These exercises are ones that, I can’t stress this enough, MUST be done with proper form.  Fortunately, the Blake Blaster makes this a breeze.  I guarantee that if you’re struggling to get over a plateau, focusing on slowing down, and working towards achieving perfect form will get you going in the right direction.

You can learn more about the Blake Blaster by clicking here to visit their website.  I’ve also posted a plethora of exercises, and workouts made just for the Blake Blaster right here on the blog!


Click below to view Blake Blaster Workouts

7 Minutes to a Better butt

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Are you struggling to get over a plateau and achieve your fitness goals?
Did you recently have a “Eureka” moment that has helped you beat it?

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